Purple is the colour of good judgement...

Why Purple Angels?

When looking into the meaning of colours we learned that our sensitive and compassionate approach to helping the community was best represented by the colour purple. We strive to be understanding and supportive and put the needs of others before ourselves. And having been called angels more than once by folk we have assisted it just seemed a natural fit…and so the Purple Angels were born!


A long time (30 years) resident of Betty's Bay who has served the community in multiple roles from Volunteer fire fighter, neighborhood watch coordinator and on call 24/7 response to community needs. Jorika is known to always put others needs before those of her own, she loves her town and all in it with passion and vigor. A trained first aider with nursing background she is currently adding to her training dementia specialized care giver.


Although a new comer to Betty's Bay Liz, a passionate photographer, has shown her love of the town and community by being involved in the neighborhood watch and has recently joined the volunteer fire fighters. She is also in the process of training as a care giver specializing in those with dementia.

Together Jorika and Liz's love of the community, their passion and drive will form a formidable team serving the Rooi Els, Pringle Bay, Betty’s Bay and Kleinmond area with compassion, commitment and understanding.